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Education & Human Resources (EHR) - News

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the LBT image of Loki Patera (orange ) Giant telescope takes a close look at a lava lake on Jupiter's moon lo
Released April 30, 2015
News From the Field
Lorenzo Baber To improve STEM diversity, fix higher education, scholar says
Released April 24, 2015
News From the Field
Rice University researchers Study: Photosynthesis has unique isotopic signature
Released April 23, 2015
News From the Field
leaves NSF announces Community College Innovation Challenge winners
Released April 16, 2015
Press Release
device that detects spoiled meat MIT sensor detects spoiled meat
Released April 14, 2015
News From the Field
researchers return to Frigatebird Island Studying how species evolve
Released April 10, 2015
News From the Field
two girls with crayons, a robot and cubes Teaching tykes to program robots
Released April 10, 2015
a woman and child looking at a book Make your home a home for the birds
Released April 9, 2015
News From the Field
a microscope image shows mature blood vessels Amniotic stem cells demonstrate healing potential
Released April 8, 2015
News From the Field
education graphics Element of surprise helps babies learn
Released April 2, 2015
News From the Field
Baboon group in Amboseli, Kenya Born during a drought: Bad news for baboons
Released April 1, 2015
Edith Nagy in lab NSF awards 2015 Graduate Research Fellowships
Released March 31, 2015
Press Release
photo of the aurora in green Springtime night lights: Finding the aurora
Released March 31, 2015
Graphic showing person at computer When thinking about numbers, people estimate a range rather than a single value
Released March 30, 2015
News From the Field
the White House President Obama announces exceptional science, mathematics and engineering mentors
Released March 27, 2015
Press Release
Emiliania huxleyi Shell-shocked: Ocean acidification likely hampers tiny shell builders in Southern Ocean
Released March 25, 2015
News From the Field
house finches at bird feeders Setting a dinner table for wildlife can affect their risk of disease
Released March 23, 2015
News From the Field
squid Squid enrich their DNA 'blueprint' through prolific RNA editing
Released March 20, 2015
News From the Field
Tornado simulation created at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Super storms: Risk and resilience
Released March 19, 2015
Media Advisory
cluster of neurons UCSF team finds key to making neurons from stem cells
Released March 19, 2015
News From the Field
illustration of a mitochondrion Even at a molecular level, taking it slow helps us cope with stress
Released March 19, 2015
News From the Field
open sign National Science Foundation announces plan for comprehensive public access to research results
Released March 18, 2015
Press Release
NSF Director France Cordova holds a press conference with Enrique Cabrera Mendoza of CONACYT. National Science Foundation director visits Mexico to strengthen and promote scientific and technological collaboration
Released March 18, 2015
Press Release
NSF logo Public Access to Results of NSF-funded Research
Released March 18, 2015
Special Report
robot is taught to distinguish between two objects Robot model for infant learning shows bodily posture may affect memory and learning
Released March 18, 2015
News From the Field
a robber fly with a very large haltere New research suggests insect wings might serve gyroscopic function
Released March 18, 2015
News From the Field
News thumbnail Plants' defensive responses have downstream effects on nearby ecosystems
Released March 17, 2015
News From the Field
Nadkarni explains tree biology to medium security inmates at the Stafford Creek Corrections Center. Canopy researcher goes out on a (tree) limb to promote public understanding of science
Released March 12, 2015
biology graphic UCI study of fruit fly 'brain in a jar' reveals mechanics of jet lag
Released March 9, 2015
News From the Field
graphic showing a sofa and ifferent chairs and text scientists on sofas and other furnishings Communicating science broadly
Released February 26, 2015
Press Release
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