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Plasma Physics - News

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compression of a turbulent plasma Compressing turbulence to improve inertial confinement fusion experiments
Released March 15, 2016
News From the Field
physics graphic After repeated pounding, antihydrogen reveals its charge: Zero
Released January 20, 2016
News From the Field
physics graphic Physics professor researches double-layered plasmas to predict earth-damaging space weather
Released September 29, 2014
News From the Field
illustration of an air waveguide Creating optical cables out of thin air
Released July 22, 2014
News From the Field
the interior of the vacuum chamber Particle Accelerator That Can Fit on a Tabletop Opens New Chapter for Science Research
Released June 20, 2013
News From the Field
a scale with normal hydrogen and antihydrogen Is Antimatter Anti-gravity?
Released April 30, 2013
News From the Field
an artist's rendition of Earth's magnetosphere Mysterious Electron Acceleration Explained
Released February 27, 2012
News From the Field
the ALPHA neutral antimatter trap CERN Group Traps Antihydrogen Atoms for More Than 16 Minutes
Released June 5, 2011
News From the Field
an antihydrogen atom ALPHA Stores Antimatter Atoms for Over a Quarter of an Hour--and Still Counting
Released June 5, 2011
News From the Field
UCSD physicists inspect the apparatus Physicists Build Bigger 'Bottles' of Antimatter to Unlock Nature's Secrets
Released February 18, 2011
News From the Field
an octupole magnetic field Antihydrogen Trapped for First Time
Released November 17, 2010
News From the Field
radiograph resulution test target Shortest-pulse X-ray Beams Could Illuminate Atomic, Molecular Interactions
Released November 15, 2010
News From the Field
Showing: 1-12 of 12

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