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Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS) - News

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probing disordered and ordered regions New technique helps probe performance of organic solar cell materials
Released January 23, 2015
News From the Field
Erik Busby and Matt Sfeir Solar cell polymers with multiplied electrical output
Released January 12, 2015
News From the Field
K. Jochim and J. Hartgerink form collagen 'Sticky' ends start synthetic collagen growth
Released October 27, 2014
News From the Field
nanofibers Carnegie Mellon chemists create nanofibers using unprecedented new method
Released July 31, 2014
News From the Field
a liposome Penn research develops 'onion' vesicles for drug delivery
Released June 9, 2014
News From the Field
clumping platelets Synthetic collagen promotes natural clotting
Released April 9, 2014
News From the Field
molecules in face-on orientation Organic solar cells more efficient with molecules face-to-face
Released April 7, 2014
News From the Field
optical-grade silk fibroin aqueous solution Fabricating nanostructures with silk could make clean rooms green rooms
Released March 27, 2014
News From the Field
metal nanoparticle networks Nanoparticle networks' design enhanced by theory
Released February 26, 2014
News From the Field
testing ice adhesion A new way to break the ice
Released February 11, 2014
News From the Field
Karen Winey Penn develops computer model that will help design flexible touchscreens
Released September 3, 2013
News From the Field
microscopy image of a layer of PCBM New Additive Offers Near-perfect Results As Nucleating Agent for Organic Semiconductors
Released June 11, 2013
News From the Field
Alamgir Karim holds a strip of the polymer Filmmaking Magic With Polymers
Released June 5, 2013
News From the Field
20-million-year-old Dominican fossil amber Fossil Amber Shatters Theories of Glass As a Liquid
Released May 7, 2013
News From the Field
a common house spider, Achaearanea tepidariorum One Glue, Two Functions
Released October 2, 2012
News From the Field
chemistry graphic Smooth As Silk "Transient Electronics" Dissolve in Body or Environment
Released September 27, 2012
News From the Field
image of a molecule Rice University Lab Encodes Collagen
Released September 25, 2012
News From the Field
chemistry and material graphic New X-ray Technique Reveals Structure of Printable Electronics
Released April 15, 2012
News From the Field
a cluster of microsponges MIT Research: Delivering RNA With Tiny, Sponge-like spheres
Released February 27, 2012
News From the Field
organic nanotube traps Chemists Become Molecular Sculptors, Synthesizing Tiny, Molecular Traps
Released December 5, 2011
News From the Field
Malika Jeffries Iowa State Chemist Designs New Polymer Structures for Use as 'Plastic Electronics'
Released April 28, 2011
News From the Field
illustration showing optically healing polymers A Scratched Coating Heals Itself
Released April 20, 2011
News From the Field
Krzysztof Matyjaszewski Carnegie Mellon Researchers Electrify Polymerization
Released March 31, 2011
News From the Field
Lei Zhai New 'Frozen Smoke' May Improve Robotic Surgery
Released March 1, 2011
News From the Field
intracellular compartments Humble Protein, Nanoparticles Tag-team to Kill Cancer Cells
Released July 27, 2010
News From the Field
plastic transistor Plastic Electronics Could Slash the Cost of Solar Panels
Released March 30, 2010
News From the Field
Illustration showing shimmering platinum atoms forming a gaping honeycomb structure. Metals Shape Up with a Little Help from Friends
Released June 27, 2008
Press Release
photonic gel crystals Photonic Gel Films Hold Promise
Released October 21, 2007
Press Release
Researchers are using vitamin C (background) to craft certain plastics more efficiently. Vitamin C and Water Not Just Healthy for People -- Healthy for Plastics, too
Released October 23, 2006
Press Release
Single-molecule diodes are gatekeepers for electrons in a circuit. Device Only Atoms Across May Allow Infinitesimal But Powerful Computers
Released April 3, 2006
Press Release
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