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Microbial Observatories (MO) and Microbial Interactions and Processes (MIP) - News

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thaumarchaeota archaea August 26, 2015
Lab experiments question popular measure of ancient ocean temperatures
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ROV Jason being deployed January 14, 2015
New species discovered beneath ocean crust
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an amanita mushroom January 8, 2014
Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on atmospheric carbon, scientists say
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image of a mushroom January 8, 2014
Fungi may determine the future of soil carbon
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Kartchner stalactites November 19, 2013
A living desert underground
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mimicking the deep sea November 11, 2013
Methane-munching microorganisms meddle with metals
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  September 16, 2013
MO/MIP no longer accepting proposals
image of the Atacama landscape June 8, 2012
CU-Boulder-led Team Finds Microbes in Extreme Environment on South American Volcanoes
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Researchers discovered that Archaea may play a key role in global nitrogen and carbon cycling. September 21, 2005
Marine Microorganism Suspected to Play Role in Global Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
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Showing: 1-9 of 9