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Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) - News

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Prem Kumar Researchers Take Step Toward Creating Quantum Computers Using Entangled Photons in Optical Fibers
Released April 4, 2008
News From the Field
Optical microscope image of the graphene device. Is Graphene the New Silicon?
Released March 27, 2008
Press Release
Photo of nine undergraduate students and their professor posing by a statue. Coming Together to Help Grow the Next Generation of Computing Leaders
Released March 26, 2008
Press Release
A computer generated simulation of waves parting around a lighthouse. And the Oscar Goes To...a Professor?
Released February 25, 2008
Press Release
computing graphic New Route for Heredity Bypasses DNA
Released January 4, 2008
News From the Field
  CISE Distinguished Lecture, October 11, 2007
Updated October 29, 2007
genetic mapping Computer Program Traces Ancestry Using Anonymous DNA Samples
Released September 20, 2007
News From the Field
News thumbnail of Ken Dill Scientists Propose the Kind of Chemistry That Led to Life
Released June 8, 2007
News From the Field
News thumbnail Medical Imaging Advance Relies on Microscopic Detector
Released May 15, 2007
News From the Field
Device for trapping single cells New Technique Weighs Single Living Cells
Released April 25, 2007
News From the Field
Generic News Image National Science Foundation and Department of Homeland Security Partner to Address Nuclear Threats
Released February 20, 2007
Press Release
2006 in Review 2006: Year in Review
Released January 9, 2007
A gene chip A Better Algorithm for Detecting Cancer Genes
Released May 12, 2006
Press Release
Cal Tech's Emmanuel Candes has been selected to receive the Alan T. Waterman award. Caltech's Emmanuel Candes to Receive $500,000 Waterman Award
Released April 17, 2006
Press Release
Single-molecule diodes are gatekeepers for electrons in a circuit. Device Only Atoms Across May Allow Infinitesimal But Powerful Computers
Released April 3, 2006
Press Release
MLAc in the process of folding Team Scores a Success in Protein Folding
Released October 5, 2005
Press Release
Video News Release showcasing the bipedal walking robots Bipedal Bots Star at AAAS Media Briefing
Released February 17, 2005
Press Release
Older student helps younger student at the Ghana fab lab. MIT Fab Labs Bring "Personal Fabrication" to People Around the World
Released August 31, 2004
Press Release
The Whyline's answer to a question during programming of a Pac-Man-like game. Researchers to Help Exterminate Bugs in Spreadsheets, Web Applications
Released May 5, 2004
Press Release
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