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Mathematical Sciences (DMS) - News

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Michael Miller Mathematics Taking Guesswork Out of Plastic Surgery Tissue Transfer
Released July 14, 2009
News From the Field
Georgia Tech researchers New Statistical Technique Improves Precision of Nanotechnology Data
Released June 30, 2009
News From the Field
A snake coiled with its head up looking to the left The Secret of a Snake's Slither
Released June 9, 2009
Press Release
reflection from metal ring Duke Physicists See the Cosmos in a Coffee Cup
Released April 14, 2009
News From the Field
real and computer generated snail shells Mollusks Taste Memories to Build Shells
Released April 1, 2009
News From the Field
Adilson Motter Metabolic Reactions: Less is More in Single-celled Organisms
Released December 5, 2008
News From the Field
math graphic Making Waves
Released October 10, 2008
News From the Field
Joel Cohen New Formula Predicts How People Will Migrate in Coming Decades
Released September 29, 2008
News From the Field
fluid separation MIT Solves 100-year-old Engineering Problem
Released September 25, 2008
News From the Field
A simulation model's output showing Anolis lizard diversity. NSF Funds New Center to Bring Together Biologists, Mathematicians
Released September 3, 2008
Press Release
chemistry and materials graphic Penn Researchers Demonstrate a Flexible, One-Step Assembly of Nanoscale Structures
Released July 25, 2008
News From the Field
math graphic Pitt Receives $2.5 Million to Simulate and Analyze Brain, Immune System Activity
Released June 24, 2008
News From the Field
math graphic Math Could Help Cure Leukemia
Released June 20, 2008
News From the Field
Map showing changes in size and range of jellyfish populations of the Bering Sea. Scientists Discover Stinging Truths About Jellyfish Blooms in the Bering Sea
Released May 29, 2008
Press Release
3D diagram of interference How to Make Microwaves on a Chip to Replace X-rays for Medical Imaging and Security
Released May 29, 2008
News From the Field
Glenn Webb Math Model Identifies Key to Controlling Epidemic
Released February 17, 2008
News From the Field
computer-generated snowflake Math Models Snowflakes
Released January 16, 2008
News From the Field
sage group Free Software Brings Affordability, Transparency to Mathematics
Released December 6, 2007
News From the Field
hour glass of verbs Harvard Scientists Predict the Future of the Past Tense
Released October 10, 2007
News From the Field
Ken Golden Icy Calculations on a Hot Topic
Released September 10, 2007
News From the Field
MIT visualization of chaotic tangle of turbulence Researchers Reveal the Tangle Under Turbulence
Released March 28, 2007
News From the Field
The E8 root system consists of 240 vectors in an 8-dimensional space. A Mathematical Solution for Another Dimension
Released March 19, 2007
Press Release
Both tropical rainfall and magnetism are described by the math of self-organized criticality. A Link Between Rainfall and Magnetism
Released June 29, 2006
Press Release
A gene chip A Better Algorithm for Detecting Cancer Genes
Released May 12, 2006
Press Release
Silicon-oxygen nanoparticles aggregate to form zeolites. Crystal Sieves, Born Anew
Released April 17, 2006
Press Release
Transitions in celestrial mechanics Mathematics Unites the Heavens and the Atom
Released September 29, 2005
Press Release
Mathematics Mathematics
Released January 31, 2005
Research Overview
Approaching wildfire threatens a subdivision Improving Fire Forecasts
Released July 21, 2004
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