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Earth Sciences (EAR) - News

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granite domes and conifer trees in the mountains Granite bedrock and sequoia forests 'communicate' in the Sierra Nevada
Released April 3, 2014
graduate student Mingming Li Earth's dynamic interior
Released March 30, 2014
News From the Field
an orbit diagram for the outer solar system Solar System's Edge Redefined
Released March 26, 2014
News From the Field
Ilya Bindeman Will the Yellowstone supervolcano erupt in our lifetime?
Released March 25, 2014
earth and environment graphic Computer models solve geologic riddle millions of years in the making
Released March 24, 2014
News From the Field
closeup of fossil bone structure Oldest fossil evidence of modern African venomous snakes found in Tanzania
Released March 19, 2014
News From the Field
the Himalayas The frozen truth about glaciers, climate change and our future
Released March 14, 2014
News From the Field
Photo of a white rooftop Is white--or green--the new black in cities?
Released March 11, 2014
View of the modern-day Orkhon Valley near Karakorum Climate of Genghis Khan's ancient time extends long shadow over Asia of today
Released March 10, 2014
Press Release
Spring wildflowers with Nutrient Network fences in the mountains of southeastern Australia. Herbivores + light = more plant biodiversity in fertilized grasslands
Released March 10, 2014
the Sierra Negra volcano on Isabela Island First-ever 3-D image created of the structure beneath Sierra Negra volcano
Released March 5, 2014
News From the Field
a timeline of the history of our planet places Oldest bit of crust firms up idea of a cool early Earth
Released February 23, 2014
News From the Field
one-billion-year-old weathering profiles The ups and downs of early atmospheric oxygen
Released February 19, 2014
News From the Field
view of a mountain peak with patches of snow Volcanoes, including Mount Hood in the US, can quickly become active
Released February 18, 2014
Press Release
erosional scar at the O'Bryan Ridge University of Illinois study of 2011 flood will lead to better preparedness
Released February 18, 2014
News From the Field
image of Mount Hood Volcanoes, including Mount Hood, can go from dormant to active quickly
Released February 17, 2014
News From the Field
screen capture of a volcano erupting Mount Hood study suggests volcano eruptibility is rare
Released February 16, 2014
News From the Field
image of river rocks Penn geophysicist teams with mathematicians to describe how river rocks round
Released February 12, 2014
News From the Field
two fossil specimens Revision to rules for color in dinosaurs suggests connection between color and physiology
Released February 12, 2014
News From the Field
Jean-Bernard Caron at work in Yoho National Park Researchers discover 'epic' new Burgess Shale site in Canada's Kootenay National Park
Released February 11, 2014
News From the Field
white painted roof tops in Phoenix Research reveals the give and take of urban temperature mitigating technologies
Released February 10, 2014
News From the Field
cover of the special issue of Frontiers in Ecology journal Data-intensive ecology needed to understand what makes the biosphere tick
Released February 3, 2014
Press Release
the Yongjinglong dinosaur Dinosaur fossils from China help Penn researchers describe new 'Titan'
Released January 29, 2014
News From the Field
flow test of the IDDP-1 well at Krafla World's first magma-enhanced geothermal system created in Iceland
Released January 23, 2014
News From the Field
Isabella Island in the Galapagos Source of Galapagos eruptions is not where models place it
Released January 21, 2014
News From the Field
illustration showing mountains, river, forest, earth and a satelite NSF awards grants for four new critical zone observatories to study Earth surface processes
Released January 15, 2014
Press Release
image of a lungfish Discovery of new Tiktaalik roseae fossils reveals key link in evolution of hind limbs
Released January 13, 2014
News From the Field
Meghan Miller at the southernmost seismic station Atlas Mountains in Morocco are buoyed up by superhot rock, study finds
Released January 2, 2014
News From the Field
Stubby Canyon, Malad Gorge State Park, Idaho Megafloods: What they leave behind
Released December 17, 2013
News From the Field
significant portions of the Ogallala Aquifer Saving the Great Plains water supply
Released December 13, 2013
News From the Field
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