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Department of State

The U.S. Department of State strongly supports international scientific cooperation being undertaken as part of the International Polar Year. IPY presents an extraordinary opportunity to explore new frontiers in polar science, improve our understanding of the critical role of the polar regions in global processes, and educate the public about the polar regions.

Website: http://www.state.gov/g/oes/ocns/ipy/

Sec. Clinton's Remarks at the Joint Session of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the Arctic Council

4/6/2009 The genius of the Antarctic Treaty lies in its relevance today. It was written to meet the challenges of an earlier time, but it and its related instruments remain a key tool in our efforts to address an urgent threat of this time, climate change... More

Antarctic Treaty / Arctic Council Joint Meeting Washington Ministerial Declaration on the International Polar Year and Polar Science

4/6/2009 The first of 10 points urges "states, national and international scientific bodies, and other interested parties to cooperate to deliver a lasting legacy from the IPY, and to support appropriate infrastructures to achieve this." More

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