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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Department of Commerce

NOAA began planning for IPY activities in the fall of 2004. Initial ideas were packaged into 11 broader themes and submitted to the IPY International Program Office in January 2005 as “expressions of intent.” Over the next few months, the IPY International Program Office encouraged scientists to prepare more collaborative proposals, resulting in around 200 “integrated projects” that now define the international effort for the IPY.

Website: http://www.ipy.noaa.gov/

NOAA's Fairweather to Map Areas of the Arctic Unmeasured Since U.S. Acquired Alaska

7/7/2011 NOAA Ship Fairweather departed Kodiak, Alaska on a mission to conduct hydrographic surveys in remote areas of the Arctic where depths have not been measured since before the U.S. bought Alaska in 1867. More

NOAA-Funded Tagging of Narwhals Finds Continued Warming of Southern Baffin Bay

10/27/2010 Temperature data collected by sensor-equipped narwhals, toothed Arctic whales, in southern Baffin Bay off West Greenland indicate that warming has continued since wintertime ocean temperatures were last measured there in the early 2000s. More

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