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IPY.gov is Now an Archived SIte

4/30/2012 In April of 2012, a conference in Montreal drew the International Polar Year 2007-2009 to an official end. For linsk to archived materials click the headline above. More

U.S. National Academy of Sciences Releases "Lessons and Legacies of the International Polar Year 2007-2008"

4/4/2012 Despite some deficiencies in data accessibility and long-term program coordination, report finds that "[o]n balance, IPY achieved its goals and was an overwhelming success." More

NSF-funded IPY Study: "Public Knowledge About Polar Regions Increases While Concerns Remain Unchanged"

2/7/2012 Analysis of the polar questions on General Social Survey indicates public's polar knowledge improved between 2006 and 2010. More

National Academy of Sciences Report: Future Science Opportunities in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean (2011)

9/9/2011 The report of an expert panel identifies key questions that will drive scientific research in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the coming years, and presents opportunities to be leveraged to sustain and improve the science. More

NASA Research Leads to First Complete Map of Antarctic Ice Flow; Work is Crucial to Tracking Sea-Level Increases

8/23/2011 NASA-funded researchers have created the first complete map of the speed and direction of ice flow in Antarctica. The map will be critical for tracking future sea-level increases from climate change. More

Interactive: NASA's "Global Ice Viewer" Documents Cryosphere Changes

8/1/2011 Ice covers 10 percent of Earth’s surface, but is disappearing rapidly in many places. This website uses still photos, video and animations to document change in the high Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica.  More

Polar Ecosystems: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Detailed Look

6/15/2011 They are extreme environments. But scientists are intrigued by the swirling ocean currents, the seasonal rhythms, the abundant nutrients, and the interaction of ice, air, and water that support life at the Poles. More

NOAA-Funded Tagging of Narwhals Finds Continued Warming of Southern Baffin Bay

10/27/2010 Temperature data collected by sensor-equipped narwhals, toothed Arctic whales, in southern Baffin Bay off West Greenland indicate that warming has continued since wintertime ocean temperatures were last measured there in the early 2000s. More

NOAA's Arctic Report Card: Region Continues to Warm at Unprecedented Rate

10/21/2010 The Arctic region, also called the “planet’s refrigerator,” continues to heat up, affecting local populations and ecosystems as well as weather patterns in the most populated parts of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a team of scientists. More

Cold-water Diving: Going to Extremes for Research

10/7/2010 The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution presents an audio slideshow about what it takes to dive safely in polar seas and what there is to learn by doing it. More