Underwater Images of Norbert Wu

A diver from Norbert Wu's Antarctic team takes aim at a cooperative medusa swimming beneath the ice.

© 2003 Norbert Wu/www.norbertwu.com

Antarctic Treasures


Each year NSF enables a select group of artists and writers to visit Antarctica. Norbert Wu, a world-renowned photographer and cinematographer, returned with new views of an otherworldly realm in his spectacular high definition film, "Under Antarctic Ice."

Norbert Wu is an overachieving marine photographer. Among many accomplishments, he has served as chief still photographer aboard Jacques Cousteau's Calypso and filmed great white sharks for PBS. When he set out to make an underwater documentary of Antarctica, he knew what to expect.

"It's a cliché, but Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, harshest and most remote continent in the world. It's like getting out on another planet," Wu reports on his Web site. On his earlier visits to Antarctica, he concentrated on still photography. Taking high definition video cameras under the ice was a different story.

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