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Penn State Researchers Trace Ancestry of Polar Bears to Ireland

7/7/2011 An international team, funded partly by the National Science Foundation, has discovered that the female ancestor of all living polar bears was a brown bear that lived in the vicinity of present-day Britain and Ireland 20,000 to 50,000 years ago. More

NOAA's Fairweather to Map Areas of the Arctic Unmeasured Since U.S. Acquired Alaska

7/7/2011 NOAA Ship Fairweather departed Kodiak, Alaska on a mission to conduct hydrographic surveys in remote areas of the Arctic where depths have not been measured since before the U.S. bought Alaska in 1867. More

Polar Ecosystems: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Detailed Look

6/15/2011 They are extreme environments. But scientists are intrigued by the swirling ocean currents, the seasonal rhythms, the abundant nutrients, and the interaction of ice, air, and water that support life at the Poles. More

Duke Reseachers Find Record Number of Whales, Krill in Antarctic Bays

4/28/2011 Scientists have observed a “super-aggregation” of more than 300 humpback whales gorging on the largest swarm of Antarctic krill seen in more than 20 years in bays along the Western Antarctic Peninsula. More

NOAA-Funded Tagging of Narwhals Finds Continued Warming of Southern Baffin Bay

10/27/2010 Temperature data collected by sensor-equipped narwhals, toothed Arctic whales, in southern Baffin Bay off West Greenland indicate that warming has continued since wintertime ocean temperatures were last measured there in the early 2000s. More

NOAA's Arctic Report Card: Region Continues to Warm at Unprecedented Rate

10/21/2010 The Arctic region, also called the “planet’s refrigerator,” continues to heat up, affecting local populations and ecosystems as well as weather patterns in the most populated parts of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a team of scientists. More

Marine Ecology Project Unites Four Generations of Scientists to Track Ecosystem Changes

10/8/2010 A 71-year-old ecology professor is a member of an Antarctic research team that is searching out experiments left in McMurdo Sound more than 40 years ago. These "lost experiments" will show how the ecosystem has changed over time. More

Cold-water Diving: Going to Extremes for Research

10/7/2010 The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution presents an audio slideshow about what it takes to dive safely in polar seas and what there is to learn by doing it. More

Animation using NASA Aqua Satellite Data Shows Annual Arctic Sea Ice Retreat

10/7/2010 At the end of each summer, sea ice in the Arctic reaches its minimum extent for the year. This NASA animation shows the retreat of Arctic sea ice cover from March 31 through September 19, as recorded by the AMSR-E instrument on the Aqua satellite. More

USGS Resources and Studies Related to the Question of Listing the Polar Bear as a Threatened Species

10/6/2010 This U.S. Geological Survey website presents studies of the relationships of polar bears to present and future sea ice environments. More
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