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USGS Fact Sheet

3/9/2007 The USGS IPY Web site has a fact sheet, in a PDF format, about the agency's scientific contributions to IPY. More

Polar Bear Conservation Information from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

3/2/2007 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposes to list polar bears as a threatened species. Read about the bears' natural history and about FWS conservation strategies. More

South Pole Telescope Animation and Video

3/2/2007 Just days before IPY officially began, scientists at the South Pole collected the first test observations from a massive new telescope. The National Science Foundation has released an animation that shows the scale of the 280-ton telescope as well as video of construction. More

Exploring the Moon and Mars in Antarctica

3/1/2007 The search for chunks of solar system debris is underway in the extreme conditions of the Antarctic as part of the "Antarctic Search for Meteorites" program, supported by NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution. Go behind the scenes and see the search in progress. More

Investigating Far-infrared Transmission in Arctic

2/28/2007 This week an international research team began a three–week field campaign at the Department of Energy's ARM site in Barrow to provide the first simultaneous high–resolution dataset of Arctic clear sky and cirrus cloud properties in elusive portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. More

"Polar-palooza": Connecting the Poles to the Planet

2/26/2007 A preview of a major IPY outreach program that will bring the poles to audiences at science centers and museums across America and online. More

History of Winter

2/23/2007 The History of Winter is a cryosphere field science experience for teachers and pre-service teachers. Participants learn the data collection protocols used by scientists in the field to study snow and ice. More

The State Department and International Polar Year

2/22/2007 The International Polar Year (IPY) is an extensive interdisciplinary and multilateral scientific program focusing on issues arising from and opportunities presented by the unique environment of the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. More

NSIDC Data on Virtual Globes: Google Earth

2/16/2007 The National Snow and Ice Data Center has created Google Earth files that enable you to overlay data-based images on a virtual globe. Our goal is to help people better understand the cryosphere by making our data more visible and interactive. More

NASA Earth Observations

2/12/2007 Tracking regional and global changes around the world just got easier. NEO helps you picture climate change and environmental changes happening on our home planet. With NEO you can search for and retrieve satellite images of Earth, download them, and export them to GoogleEarth. More
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