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Warming Climate May Put Chill on Arctic Polar Bear Population

9/13/2006 Scientists from NASA and the Canadian Wildlife Service are now reporting that the slow reduction in sea ice is forcing Arctic polar bears to fast for longer and longer periods, posing danger to their survival. More

Polar Art Contest as a Teaching Tool

8/1/2006 More than 1,400 students in grades 2–4 submitted artwork. More

NASA Study Finds Clock Ticking Slower On Ozone Hole Recovery

6/29/2006 The Antarctic ozone hole's recovery is running late. According to a new NASA study, the full return of the protective ozone over the South Pole will take nearly 20 years longer than scientists previously expected. More

Bering Sea Ecosystem Responding to Changes in Arctic Climate

5/9/2006 Arctic ice conditions have major impacts on sea creatures and those who subsist on them. More

Research Cruise Studied Ice Shelf Ecosystem

5/6/2006 An international expedition to probe deeper into the cause of the collapse of Antarctica's Larsen B Ice Shelf. More

Ice Cores From the WAIS Divide

5/1/2006 This project will provide Antarctic records of environmental change for approximately the past 100,000 years. More

Forest on the Threshold

4/18/2006 NASA data reveal that Arctic forests are getting browner as temperatures rise. The downward trend in the forests' health may be a sign that global warming is impacting the forests sooner than scientists predicted. More

Dive and Discover Interactive Expedition Archives

4/10/2006 Scuba diving scientists studied salps—jelly-like creatures that are important to the entire Antarctic food chain. More

A Multimedia Tour of the Cryosphere

3/23/2006 In a little more than seven minutes, NASA data visualizers lead viewers across the icy reaches of Antarctica, the drifting expanse of polar sea ice, the shrinking cap around the North Pole, and more. More

Scientists in Dogged Pursuit of Amount of Snow on Earth Embark on Arctic Trek

3/17/2006 An expedition into the frozen Arctic using dogsled teams kicks off March 12, 2006, from Alaska to help NASA find out how much snow blankets the Earth. The trek is one leg of a five-year “Go North!” expedition in pursuit of environmental samples. More
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