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NASA Study Links "Smog" to Arctic Warming

3/14/2006 NASA scientists have found that a major form of global air pollution involved in summertime "smog" has also played a significant role in warming the Arctic. More

Impact of Climate Warming on Polar Ice Sheets Confirmed

3/8/2006 In the most comprehensive survey ever undertaken of the massive ice sheets covering both Greenland and Antarctica, NASA scientists confirm climate warming is changing how much water remains locked in Earth's largest storehouse of ice and snow. More

Cool Science: Brochure is Geared to Give Kids an Introduction to Polar Science

3/1/2006 Jointly produced by the Pacific Science Center and the University of Washington's Polar Science Center, this .pdf file provides an introduction to Polar Regions and the research that scientists conduct there. More

Greenland Ice Loss Doubles in Past Decade, Raising Sea Level Faster

2/16/2006 The loss of ice from Greenland doubled between 1996 and 2005, as its glaciers flowed faster into the ocean in response to a generally warmer climate, according to a NASA/University of Kansas study. More

Educational Resources Document

2/9/2006 57 pages of materials ranging from satellite maps of Antarctica to photographs of Alaskan volcanoes. More


2/1/2006 Researchers study how an iceberg changes as it drifts along its characteristic track northward. More

Riding the Permafrost Express

12/31/2005 Researchers use innovative techniques to protect the newly constructed Qinghai-Xizang railroad across the Tibetan Plateau from permafrost thawing. More

Mosaic of Antarctica

12/6/2005 Researchers use images from NASA’s Earth-observing satellites to show Antarctica like you've never seen it before. More

Operation Antarctica: NASA Satellites Help Supply U.S. Research Bases

9/6/2005 When managers of the U.S. Antarctic Program had to figure out how to get supplies to research camps in Antarctica, they turned to NASA satellite sensors for information. More

Out of the Crevasse Field

8/30/2005 NASA satellite data help the Antarctic Traverse Team avoid danger and beat a path to the South Pole. More
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