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Time on the Shelf

7/12/2005 Twenty-five years of NASA scientists' research in Antarctica and Greenland show that even huge ice sheets can change more quickly than scientists thought, causing sea level to rise. More

The Hidden Ocean, Arctic 2005

6/27/2005 Scientists supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) explored the frigid depths of the Canada Basin, located in one of the deepest parts of the Arctic Ocean. More

Arctic Internet Media Archive

4/1/2005 A collection of photos, graphics, video and audio files, and PowerPoint presentations available to the general public. More

Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic (TEA)

1/19/2005 Resources and materials from K-12 educators who accompanied scientists on research expeditions to the poles. More

Arctic Climate: A Special Report

1/14/2005 Over the past 30 years, scientists and the Arctic peoples have observed dramatic reductions in Arctic sea ice. More

Polar Wind Data Blow New Life into Forecasts

1/11/2005 By tracking the movement of clouds and water vapor from one satellite overpass to the next, scientists create estimates of Earth's polar winds. The new measurements improve the accuracy of medium-range weather forecasts. More

Environmental Chemistry Atop the Greenland Ice Sheet

1/3/2005 Researchers at the GEOSummit are studying how ice sheet dynamics relate to climate and global warming. More

Fastest Glacier in Greenland Doubles Speed

12/1/2004 Scientists who study Earth's ice and the flow of glaciers have been surprised to find that the world's fastest glacier in Greenland doubled its speed between 1997 and 2003. More

Researcher Reads Fossils on Ice

11/24/2004 Vanderbilt geology professor Molly Miller studies the burrows and tracks that ancient animals left behind. More

Underwater Images of Norbert Wu

7/9/2004 Each year NSF enables a select group of artists and writers to visit Antarctica. More
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