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Arctic Oil Development Providing "Subsidized Housing" to Predators

9/8/2009 A new study finds that Arctic oil development has attracted populations of predators including Arctic fox, ravens, and gulls, which feed on nesting birds. The predators use everything from drilling platforms to road culverts to nest or den. More

NSF-funded Research: Warming from Greenhouse Gases has Trumped the Arctic's Millennia-long Natural Cooling Cycle

9/3/2009 Although the Arctic has been receiving less energy from the summer sun for the past 8,000 years, Arctic summer temperatures began climbing in 1900 and accelerated after 1950. More

Director of NSF's Office of Polar Programs Reflects on IPY and International Cooperation at the Poles

6/19/2009 In a pair of interviews with the International Polar Foundation, Karl A. Erb, director of the National Science Foundation's Office of Polar Programs (OPP) discusses a range of topics related to IPY and U.S. polar research. More

New NSF-Funded, University of Colorado Research shows 53-million-year-old Arctic Mammals Wintered in Darkness

6/1/2009 Ancestors of tapirs and ancient cousins of rhinos living above the Arctic Circle 53 million years ago endured six months of darkness each year in a far milder climate than today, according to a researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder. More

USGS and British Antarctic Survey Document Rapid Disappearance of Antarctica's Ice Shelves in a New Map

5/29/2009 The USGS and the British Antarctic Survey have published a report and accompanying map on changes brought about by the collapse of Anarctica's Larsen and Wordie ice shelves. Ice. Note: the map may be downloaded as a .pdf, but is a large file. More

NOAA Expedition's Sensors "Hear" Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales off Greenland

5/20/2009 A team of NOAA scientists has recorded the distinctive calls of endangered North Atlantic right whales in an area where it was believed that the historic resident population was hunted to extinction in the early 20th century. More

Arctic River Deltas May Hold Clues to Future Global Climate

5/15/2009 Scientists struggling to understand how Earth's climate will change in the next few decades have neglected a potential treasure trove of informationā€”sediments deposited in the ocean by major Arctic rivers. More

Remarks by Karl A. Erb, director of NSF's Office of Polar Programs to the French Senate on IPY and International Collaboration

5/14/2009 "The IPY is already delivering impressive advances in scientific understanding. It has also created the international partnerships that made these advances possible..." More

Interagency Annapolis Symposium will take a Multi-Faceted Look at Potential Effects of Diminishing Arctic Sea Ice

4/30/2009 A June symposium at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. will address the changing state of Arctic sea ice conditions and the present and potential future affects on naval, maritime, and associated activities and operations in the region. More

Seaglider Monitors Climate-related Ocean Circulation in the Arctic During Record-Breaking Journey Under Ice

4/28/2009 An intelligent, ocean-going glider has spent more than five months on a record-breaking deployment to sample the icy waters off western Greenland. More
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