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NASA Gauges Sea Level, Glacier Changes

11/6/2008 A NASA-led team has used satellite data to make the most precise measurements to date of changes in the mass of mountain glaciers in the Gulf of Alaska, a region expected to be a significant contributor to global sea level rise.

Ecologists Use Oceanographic Data to Predict Future Climate Change in the Arctic and North Atlantic

11/6/2008 In a November special issue of the journal Ecology, scientists report that if current patterns of change in the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans continue, alterations of ocean circulation could occur on a global scale.

Sunlight Has More Powerful Influence on Ocean Circulation and Climate Than Do North American Ice Sheets, Say UCSB Scientists

11/6/2008 The distribution of sunlight, rather than the size of North American ice sheets, is the key variable in changes in the North Atlantic deep-water formation during the last four glacial cycles.

NSF Plays Major Role in Complex International Evacuation of an Injured Australian from Antarctica

11/5/2008 An international air operation coordinated by the U.S. Antarctic Program has successfully evacuated a badly injured employee of the Australian Antarctic Division from Antarctica to a hospital in Hobart, Tasmania.

In Alaska's Forests, Dried Mushrooms May Slow Global Warming

11/3/2008 The fight against climate warming has an unexpected ally: mushrooms growing in dry spruce forests covering Alaska, Canada, Scandinavia and other northern regions, according to new research funded by NSF, NOAA amd the U.S. Department of Energy.

Test Flights Demonstrate Unmanned Aircraft's Worth, Including Potentially Studying Bering Sea Seals

11/3/2008 Three recent flights over Puget Sound proved the value of the University of Alaska’s unmanned aircraft system. NOAA scientists hope to use the technology to study ice-associated seals in Alaska’s Bering Sea in the spring of 2009

Arctic Humidity Measurements at Odds

11/3/2008 Researchers identified significant discrepancies between humidity measurements obtained by various ground-based sensors at the North Slope of Alaska. Read more to find out the implications of these findings for Arctic climate studies.

Blogging and Diving the Ice Waters of McMurdo Sound

10/31/2008 Read a blog from Sam Bowser, the researcher leading a team of scuba divers working at Explorers Cove, New Harbor, Antarctica. Bowser studies the ecology, evolution, and biology of single-celled organisms called foraminifera.

Florida State University Historian's Arctic Research Has Him Sitting on top of the World

10/30/2008 Ronald E. Doel, an associate professor of history, is leading an international team that is working to produce one of the most comprehensive histories to date of the Arctic from the late 19th century to the present, thanks in part to an NSF grant.

Statement by Karl A. Erb, Director of NSF's Office of Polar Programs, on the Death of South Pole Astronomy Pioneer Martin A. Pomerantz

10/29/2008 Martin A. Pomerantz, who died on October 25, at his northern California home at the age of 91, was literally a legend in Antarctic science for his vision and dedication to the field of South Pole astronomy.
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