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NSF, NASA-funded Study: Greenland Rapidly Rising as Ice Melt Continues

5/20/2010 scientists at the University of Miami say Greenland's ice is melting so quickly that the land underneath is rising at an accelerated pace. Some coastal areas are rising by nearly an inch annually and could increase to two inches annually by 2025.

NASA IceBridge Mission Prepares for Study of Arctic Glaciers

3/18/2010 NASA's Operation IceBridge mission, the largest airborne survey ever flown of Earth's polar ice, kicks off its second year of study when NASA aircraft arrive in Greenland March 22.

NOAA Launches "Arctic Future" Web site

3/16/2010 NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory has launched a new Web site to help those interested in the Arctic learn more about the long-term effects of the loss of Arctic summer sea ice.

USGS: Ice Shelves Disappearing on Antarctic Peninsula

2/22/2010 Ice shelves are retreating in the southern section of the Antarctic Peninsula due to climate change. This could result in glacier retreat and sea-level rise if warming continues, threatening coastal communities and low-lying islands worldwide.

USGS: Based on Geologic Evidence, Arctic Could Face Warmer and Ice-Free Conditions

12/29/2009 There is more evidence that the Arctic could face seasonally ice-free conditions and much warmer temperatures in the future, accoridng to USGS scientists.

UC Santa Cruz Study: Slow Changes to Earth Systems such as Ice Sheets Likely to Amplify Global Warming

12/20/2009 Researchers studying a period of high carbon dioxide levels and warm climate several million years ago have concluded that slow changes such as melting ice sheets amplified the initial warming caused by greenhouse gases.

Researchers Learning More about How Water beneath Greenland's Glaciers Contributes to Ice Loss

12/16/2009 Scientists who study the melting of Greenland’s glaciers are discovering that water flowing beneath the ice plays a much more complex role than they previously imagined.

Study: Earth's Polar Ice Sheets Vulnerable to Even Moderate Global Warming

12/16/2009 A new analysis of the geological record of the Earth's sea level employs a novel statistical approach that reveals the polar ice sheets are vulnerable to large-scale melting even under moderate global warming scenarios.

Robot Explorer Investigates Antarctica's Frozen Lakes

12/3/2009 The ENDURANCE (Environmentally Non-Disturbing Under-ice Robotic ANtarctic Explorer) is a mini-sub that is exploring and sampling Antarctica's perpetually frozen lakes. Read details of the project and dispatches from the ENDURANCE field team.

USGS: "North Pole Wolf" E-mails Locations to Researchers and His "Public"

12/1/2009 Thanks to a satellite collar, two innovative scientists, and a blog, people can follow Brutus, the “North Pole wolf”, as he leads his pack through the long arctic winter. Reserachers hope to learn what wolves like Brutus do in the cold and dark.
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