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2006 Oden Expedition Journals

1/1/2007 Journals by teachers Ute Kaden and Allan Miller who sailed aboard the icebreaker Oden as part of National Science Foundation research cruise.

NOAA’s "Sounds of the Southern Ocean" Expedition

12/29/2006 "Sounds of the Southern Ocean" is a joint project between NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Oregon State University, and the Korea Polar Research Institute whose goal is to study the dynamic tectonic and volcanic environment of the Bransfield Strait and Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica.

Multinational Scientific Expedition Kicks Off IPY 2007-2008

12/19/2006 An international team sailed from Punta Arenas, Chile for a two-week, NSF-sponsored research cruise.

NASA Spacecraft Read Layered Clues to Changes on Mars

12/13/2006 Some of the first radar and imaging results from NASA's newest Mars spacecraft, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, show details in layers of ice-rich deposits near the poles. Observed variations in the layers' thickness and composition will yield information about recent climate cycles on the red planet.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Successfully Completes Critical Design Review

12/6/2006 The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the first in a series of robotic missions to the moon, successfully completed its Critical Design Review on Nov. 9, 2006. The lunar orbiter is scheduled for launch in October 2008.

Living at the South Pole

11/1/2006 Ever wonder what it's like to spend winter at the South Pole? Explore the Earth's most remote scientific research facility.

On the Verge of the International Polar Year, NSF Commemorates the 50th Anniversary of First Flight

10/31/2006 On Oct. 31, 1956, a tiny U.S. plane made science possible when it landed on the ice sheet at the southern end of the world.

Greenland Ice Sheet on a Downward Slide

10/19/2006 For the first time NASA scientists have analyzed data from direct, detailed satellite measurements to show that ice losses now far surpass ice gains in the shrinking Greenland ice sheet.

NASA and NOAA Announce Ozone Hole is a Double Record Breaker

10/19/2006 NASA and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists report this year's ozone hole in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere has broken records for area and depth.

Rapid Growth of Huge Northern Bog Complex May Have Helped Kick-Start Past Global Warming

10/12/2006 UCLA and Russian Academy of Sciences scientists' findings appear in the October 13 issue of Science.
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