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Global Sea-Rise Levels By 2100 May Be Lower Than Some Predict, Says New, NSF-funded, University of Colorado Study

9/4/2008 Despite projections that global sea levels could rise by up to 20 feet by the end of this century as a result of warming, a new study concludes that a rise of much more than six feet is nearly physically impossibile. More

NSF-funded University of Florida Study: Thawing Permafrost Holds Vast Carbon Pool

9/3/2008 Permafrost blanketing the northern hemisphere contains more than twice the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, making it a potentially mammoth contributor to global climate change depending on how quickly it thaws. More

Operation Deep Freeze Enters 53rd Antarctic Research Season

9/3/2008 Operation Deep Freeze, the U.S. military's support for the U.S. Antarctic Program, is scheduled to kick off the 2008-2009 season Sept. 4 as the first C-17 Globemaster aircraft delivers passengers and cargo to NSF's McMurdo Station. More

Unexplored Arctic Region to be Mapped

9/2/2008 A scientific expedition this fall will map the unexplored Arctic seafloor where the U.S. and Canada may have sovereign rights over natural resources such as oil and gas and control over activities such as mining. More

Ice Age Lesson Predicts a Faster Rise in Sea Level, NSF-funded University of Wisconsin-Madison Study Says

8/31/2008 If the lessons being learned by scientists about the demise of the last great North American ice sheet are correct, estimates of global sea level rise from a melting Greenland ice sheet may be seriously underestimated. More

NSF, NASA-funded Antarctic Research Helps Shed Light on Climate Change on Mars

8/28/2008 Researchers examining images of gullies on the flanks of craters on Mars say they formed as recently as a few hundred thousand years ago and in sites once occupied by glaciers. The features are reminiscent of gullies formed in the McMurdo Dry Valleys More

NSIDC: Arctic Sea Ice Now Second-lowest on Record

8/26/2008 Sea ice extent has fallen below the 2005 minimum, previously the second-lowest extent recorded since the dawn of the satellite era. The 2008 record may fall in the next several weeks, when the melt season comes to a close. More

NASA-Funded Ohio State University Researchers: Satellite Images Show Continued Breakup of Two of Greenland’s Largest Glaciers

8/20/2008 Researchers monitoring daily satellite images here of Greenland’s glaciers have discovered break-ups at two of the largest glaciers in the last month. More

Greenland Ice Core Reveals History of Pollution in the Arctic

8/19/2008 New research finds that coal burning, primarily in North America and Europe, contaminated the Arctic and potentially affected human health and ecosystems in and around Earth's polar regions. More

University of Alaska Fairbanks Vice Chancellor Appointed to U.S. Arctic Research Commission

8/13/2008 President George W. Bush has named University of Alaska Fairbanks Vice Chancellor for Research Virgil "Buck" Sharpton as one of three new members of the U.S. Arctic Research Commission. More
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