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National Snow and Ice Data Center: Arctic Sea Ice Extent Falls Below Record and is Still Melting

8/17/2007 Arctic sea ice has surpassed the previous single-day record for the lowest extent ever measured by satellite. Sea ice extent has fallen below the 2005 record low absolute minimum and is still melting More

University of California, Santa Barbara Hosts Major International Antarctic Science Conference in August

8/16/2007 More than 400 scientists met at the University of California, Santa Barbara August 26-31 for the National Science Foundation-funded International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences. More

NOAA’s Coast Survey, NSF Continue Arctic Sea-Floor Mapping With Three-Week Research Cruise

8/15/2007 NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey, in partnership with the University of New Hampshire and the National Science Foundation, will mount a four-week cruise, beginning Aug. 17, to map the Chukchi Cap. More

Locked in Antarctic Glaciers, Ancient Microbes May Return to Life

8/11/2007 The DNA of ancient microorganisms, long frozen in glaciers, may return to life as the glaciers melt, according to a paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences More

National Snow and Ice Data Center Launches Arctic Sea-Ice News Web Site

8/10/2007 The National Snow and Ice Data Center has launched its second annual site to provide the public and members of the news media with information about the Arctic sea-ice melt season. More

International Collaboration in the Arctic is Focus of Five ARMADA Project Research Experiences

8/9/2007 Five of 14 U.S. teachers who are participing in the final year of the University of Rhode Island's ARMADA Project are joining foreign research vessels in the Arctic. More

Man-Made Soot Contributed to Warming in Greenland in the Early 20th Century

8/9/2007 Industrial development in North America between 1850 and 1950 greatly increased the amount of black carbon--commonly known as soot--that fell on Greenland's glaciers and ice sheets. More

Researcher Uses Penguin Remains to Measure Antarctic Ice Movement Over Millennia

8/5/2007 NSF-funded researcher Steven D. Emslie has devised a means to radiocarbon-date penguin remains that allows him to track the advance and retreat of the Antarctic ice sheets over thousands of years. More

NASA Spacecraft Heads for Polar Region on Mars

8/4/2007 NASA's Phoenix Mars Mission blasted off August 4, aiming for a May 25, 2008, arrival at the Red Planet and a close-up examination of the surface of the northern polar region. More

NSF Grant to University of Alaska Fairbanks to Foster Integrated Research into the Changing Arctic

7/26/2007 A $9 million National Science Foundation grant will support a project called “Resilience and Vulnerability in a Rapidly Changing North: The Integration of Physical, Biological and Social Processes." More
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