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Glaciers and Ice Caps to Dominate Sea Level Rise Through 21st Century

7/20/2007 Ice loss from glaciers and ice caps may increase global sea level more than the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, according to a new University of Colorado, Boulder study. NSF and NASA are funders. More

Researchers Develop Water Index Tool for the Arctic

7/13/2007 The Alaska Water Resource Vulnerability Index, or AWRVI (pronounced R-VEE)created by University of Alaska researchers may help communities monitor and protect their water resources. More

USGS Finds Polar Bear Denning Shifting From Sea Ice to Coastal Habitats in Northern Alaska

7/12/2007 A 20-year study argues that recent changes in sea ice in northern Alaska likely explains a decrease in maternal polar bear denning on sea ice and an increase of denning on land More

Endangered Species Act Protection May Be Warranted for 10 Penguin Species

7/10/2007 Protection under the Endangered Species Act may be warranted for 10 species of penguins found in Antarctica and the southern hemisphere, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced in july of 2007. More

NASA Readies Mars Lander for August Launch to Icy Site

7/9/2007 NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander will claw down into the icy soil of the Red Planet's northern plains, looking beneath a frigid arctic landscape for conditions favorable to past or present life. More

National Snow and Ice Data Center to Manage IPY Data

7/6/2007 The National Science Foundation recently awarded funds to NSIDC to help manage scientific data gathered during IPY. More

USGS Study Indicates Doubling of Coastal Erosion Rate in Past 50 Years Along a Segment of Alaska's Arctic Coast

7/5/2007 USGS scientists recently completed a quantitative analysis, published in the July 2007 issue of Geology, documenting accelerated land loss along a section of Alaska's North Slope coastline. More

New Undersea Images Challenge Prevailing Ideas About the Antarctic Ice Sheet

6/28/2007 Using echo-sounding equipment to create images and maps of areas below the ocean floor, NSF-funded researchers have begun to unravel a new story about the Antarctic ice Sheet. More

NASA Satellite Captures First View of 'Night-Shining Clouds'

6/28/2007 A NASA satellite has captured the first occurrence this summer of strange, glowing polar clouds that form 50 miles above the Earth. The AIM satellite has tracked these clouds since May 25. More

Giant Ancient Penguins Liked it Hot

6/25/2007 Huge and distant cousins of today’s penguins might have basked in a warm climate along the Peruvian coast more than 30 million years ago, fossils of two extinct penguin species suggest. More
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