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Arctic Sediments Show that 20th-Century Warming is Unlike Natural Variation

10/19/2009 The possibility that climate change might simply be a natural variation like others that have occurred throughout geologic time is dimming, according to a team of reserachers from three U.S. universities. More

USGS: Arctic Now Traps 25 Percent of World’s Carbon--But That Could Change

10/14/2009 The arctic now traps or absorbs up to 25 percent of global carbond dioxide, but climate change could alter that amount significantly, according to a study published in the November issue of Ecological Monographs. More

Arctic Sea-ice Extent Remains Low; 2009 sees Third-lowest Mark Since Records Began in 1979

10/6/2009 Arctic sea ice extent in September was the third lowest since satellite records began in 1979. More ice cover remained this year than during the previous record-setting years of 2007 and 2008. But sea ice has not recovered to previous levels. More

Unusual Arctic Warmth, Tropical Wetness Likely Cause for Methane Increase

9/25/2009 Unusually high temperatures in the Arctic and heavy rains in the tropics likely drove a global increase in atmospheric methane in 2007 and 2008 after a decade of near-zero growth, according to a new study. More

St. Olaf Scientist Receives $680,000 Grant for Antarctic Study

9/1/2009 Bob Jacobel, Grace Whittier Professor of Physics at St. Olaf College, has received NSF funding to participate in an interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists who are studying subglacial environments at two coastal sites in West Antarctica. More

Record Greenland Ice Core May Help Explain Abrupt Climate Change

8/26/2009 A new, international Greenland-based research effort set a record for single-season deep ice-core drilling this summer, recovering more than a mile of ice core that will help scientists better assess the risks of future abrupt climate change. More

NSF-funded, University of California, Santa Barbara Team Proposes Antarctic Location for ‘Missing' Ice Sheet

8/25/2009 New research indicates a possible Antarctic location for ice that seemed to be missing at a key point in climate history 34 million years ago. The research has important implications for understanding climate change. More

U.S.-Canada Joint Expedition to Survey the Extended Continental Shelf in the Arctic

7/28/2009 The U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Task Force will conduct a joint 41-day mission jointly with Canada this summer to collect scientific data about the continental shelf in the Arctic. The mission is scheduled from Aug. 7 to Sept. 16. More

NSF Awards $2.5M grant to Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility

7/14/2009 The Florida State University facility serves as the repository for the world's largest collection of sediment samples extracted from the floor of the Southern Ocean. More

NSF-funded, University of Buffalo Researchers: Ice Sheets Can Retreat "In a Geologic Instant," Study of Prehistoric Glacier Shows

6/21/2009 Modern glaciers, such as those making up the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, are capable of undergoing periods of rapid shrinkage or retreat, according to new findings by paleoclimatologists at the University at Buffalo. More
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