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Greenland Ice Sheet Larger Contributor to Sea-level Rise than Previosuly Thought

6/11/2009 The Greenland ice sheet is melting faster than expected according to a new study led by a University of Alaska Fairbanks researcher. The study was partly funded by the University of Alaska Presidential IPY Postdoctoral Foundation More

A Survivor in Greenland: A Novel Bacterial Species is Found Trapped in 120,000-Year-Old Ice

6/3/2009 Penn State scientists have discovered an ultra-small species of bacteria that has survived for more than 120,000 years within the ice of a Greenland glacier at a depth of nearly two miles. NSF, NASA and the Department of Energy funded the research. More

NOAA Unmanned Aircraft Helping Scientists Learn About Alaskan Ice Seals

6/2/2009 NOAA's Fisheries Service scientists and their partners have launched an unmanned aircraft to mount the vehicle’s first search for ice seals at the southern edge of the Bering Sea pack ice during the Arctic spring. More

Scientists Return from Drilling Beneath Frozen Russian Lake for Arctic Climate Clues

5/28/2009 An international scientific team has returned from a six-month drilling expedition to Siberia's Lake El'gygytgyn, where they collected the longest sediment core retrieved in the Arctic. The core may have unprecedented significance to climate studies. More

First Major NSF Award Under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to Build the Alaska Region Research Vessel

5/27/2009 The National Science Foundation (NSF) made its first major award under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to construct the Alaska Region Research Vessel (ARRV). More

Sea-level Rise from Greenland Melt May Pose Greatest Threat to Northeast U.S., Canada

5/27/2009 The melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet this century may drive more water than previously thought toward the already threatened coastlines of New York, Boston, Halifax and other cities in the northeastern United States and Canada. More

Arctic Tundra May Contribute to Warmer World

5/27/2009 As the frozen soil in the Arctic thaws, bacteria will break down organic matter, releasing long-stored carbon into the warming atmosphere. More

NOAA Opens Public Comment on Potential Arctic Fishing Plan

5/26/2009 NOAA’s Fisheries Service has announced it will open public comment on a proposed framework to manage for the first time fishing in the Arctic waters of the United States in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas. More

Polar Bear-Climate Connection Supported by New Study

5/18/2009 Forecasts of polar bear populations and their likely responses to climate change have been strengthened by a new publication. USGS and the U.S. Forest service partially funded the study. More

Cold Water Ocean Circulation Doesn't Work as Expected to Moderate Climate

5/13/2009 New research that relied on an armada of sophisticated floats shows that much of the water originating in the sea between Newfoundland and Greenland is diverted generally eastward by the time it flows as far south as Massachusetts. More
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