Teaching from "The Ice": High School Teacher Mark Harris Delivers a Video Lecture from Antarctica

8/30/2007 Watch Mark Harris, ARMADA Project master teacher, describe his experiences in Antarctica. He worked with two NSF-funded teams to study crabeater seal foraging and icefish blood "anti-freeze." More

From Data Gathered at the World-Class Observatory at the South Pole: Animation Illustrates Cataclysm at the Galaxy's Core

8/22/2007 Every 20 million years or so, gas at the galactic center sets off bursts of star formation. The stars eventually go supernova, sterilizing a massive surrounding region. Requires RealPlayer plug-in. More

New NASA Poster Captures Space Agency's Perspective on Polar Exploration

8/22/2007 NASA's new full-color, doubled-sided poster captures the agency's unique perspective on Earth's poles-from space, the air, and on the ground-in 40 images. Descriptions of each photo are provided on the back of the poster. More

Read Dispatches from an International Research Cruise to the Arctic's Beaufort Gyre

8/20/2007 Ice, ocean, and atmosphere interact to affect the health of the Arctic climate. At the heart of this system is the Beaufort Gyre, one of the planet's least-explored bodies of water. More

Multimedia Web Site Explores the Extraordinary Challenges of Predicting Antarctic Weather

8/15/2007 Forecasting the weather on Earth’s highest, driest and windiest continent is difficult. This NSF-funded site explains for the public exactly why and why it matters. The modules also are downloadable. More

NOAA’s Teacher At Sea Program Unveils Latest Children’s Book Focusing on Life Aboard a Hydrographic Survey Ship Off Alaska

7/26/2007 NOAA’s Teacher at Sea program has unveiled its third in a series of four planned children’s books. The latest is about the experiences of teacher Linda Armwood aboard NOAA ship Fairweather More

Extreme Biology: Demise of Antarctic Ice Shelf Revealed New Life

7/26/2007 A research expedition to the site of the collapsed Larsen B ice shelf leads to a rare glimpse of previously undetected life forms surviving in extreme conditions. More

Images and Video from the World's Southernmost Active Volcano: Antarctica's Mt. Erebus

7/5/2007 The Mt. Erebus Volcano Observatory (MEVO) homepage has extensive collections of photos and video about living and working atop a 14,000-foot volcano and how science benefits from that experience. More

Video Shows Scientists Studying Earth's Volcanic
"Plumbing System" in Antarctica's Dry Valleys

7/5/2007 The McMurdo Dry Valleys are ice-free deserts where an international science team is able to uniquely access volcanic rock to study the “plumbing system” that transports magma to the earth’s crust. More

National Preserve Protects Arctic Land Bridge
That Once Connected Asia to North America

7/3/2007 The National Park Service's Bering Land Bridge National Preserve is a small remnant of the land bridge, also known as Beringia, that people crossed 10,000 years ago to enter North America from Asia. More
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