The Prehistory of Alaska as Preserved in the National Park System

7/3/2007 The National Park Service maintains documents that provide an overview of the prehistory of Alaska as represented in the national park system, including Gates of the Arctic National Park. More

View the Aurora Borealis from the Gates of the Arctic
National Park Web Site

7/3/2007 The park has posted a Quicktime movie of the Aurora Borealis, the northern lights, over Wiseman, Alaska, on its Web site. More

The Arctic Ocean Ecosystem: The Food Web

6/25/2007 Despite the harsh climate and its sea-ice cover, the Arctic Ocean teems with life. Learn more from this hyperlinked graphic of the ecosystem from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. More

Sea Grant's 2008 Alaska Coastal Calendar Has IPY Theme

6/25/2007 The Alaska Sea Grant Program has published a full-color, 16-month calendar to mark IPY that examines the effects of climate change in Alaska. More

NASA's "Visible Earth" Collections of Still Images, Animations and Other Media

6/23/2007 NASA's Visible Earth Web site contains multiple galleries of a wide array of subjects. Still images as well as animations and other media from the Arctic and Antarctic are part of the offerings. More

Pioneering Antarctic Discovery: The United States Exploring Expedition in Digital Form at the Smithsonian Institution

6/8/2007 The United States Exploring Expedition of 1838-42 was an American scientific milestone, not least because it penetrated Antarctic waters and proved that the landmass was a continent. More

Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum at Bowdoin College: a Multimedia Resource

6/6/2007 The Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center is named for explorers and Bowdoin College graduates Robert E. Peary and Donald B. MacMillan. The museum collections include Arctic exploration gear, natural-history specimens, and art and anthropological material. The museum Web site makes available Podcasts about its collections and the Arctic. More

On-line Photo Collections Offer Polar Pictures,
Many in the Public Domain

6/5/2007 There are numerous on-line digital image collections of Polar images that are, for the most part, in the public domain, which means they are freely available for public use. More

Training Robots as Polar Explorers

5/31/2007 Engineers at the U.S. Army's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) are studying how to use robots to assist in making scientific measurements in the Polar Regions. They have recorded a Greenland field test on video. More

"Melting Ice, Rising Seas," a Climate Change Documentary at the American Museum of Natural History

5/16/2007 Ice sheets and shelves from Greenland to Antarctica have changed dramatically in recent years. A new seven-minute documentary on these changes is now available on-line. Featuring Robert Hawley, a glaciologist at the University of Washington, it takes visitors to Greenland's glaciers and to fossilized coral reefs of the Florida Keys, where scientists are studying evidence of past warming in hopes of understanding future changes. More
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