4/11/2007 Download the exclusive, high resolution USGS poster commemorating International Polar Year. (PDF - 52 MB) More

Studying Emperors and Pioneering Science on the Frozen Frontier

4/10/2007 For more than 30 years, Gerald Kooyman, a research physiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, has studied adaptation in antarctic marine animals. In recent years he has focused on the effects of climate change on Emperor Penguins. More

Project Iceberg: Teachers in Antarctica as part of ANtarctic geological DRILLing (ANDRILL) project

4/4/2007 As part of an elaborate outreach program, the multi-national ANtarctic geological DRILLing project sent six teachers to Antarctica. They wrote blogs from the field and appear in video journals. More

ANDRILL: Looking to the Past to Understand Future Climate Change

4/4/2007 ANDRILL is a four-nation scientific collaboration that is drilling under the Ross Ice Shelf to recover a history of Antarctic environmental change it hopes will provide a picture of climate cycles over millions of years and help science to understand possible future changes. More

ITASE: Crossing Antarctica by Tractor to Study Recent Climate Change

3/29/2007 Criss-crossing Antartica in a tractor train, International Trans-Antarctic Scientific Expedition reserachers have taken ice cores representative of the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. More

NSF's Antarctic Artists and Writers Program Supports Fieldwork

3/27/2007 The National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program provides opportunities for scholars in the humanities to visit Antarctica or the Southern Ocean to obtain first-hand experience that will help create art to increase public awareness and understanding of the U.S. role on the southernmost continent. More

NPR's Science Friday Offers an Antarctic Science Sampler

3/17/2007 Building a neutrino observatory a kilometer on a side under the ice sheet, excavating a rare plesiosaur fossil, and a ice-shelf drilling project seeking millions of years of climate records were all discussed in a recent NPR “Science Friday” broadcast on Antarctic science. More

University of Washington Touts IPY Research

3/15/2007 University of Washington scientists, supported by several federal agencies, will play key IPY roles from the North Pole to Antarctica, in fields as diverse as oceanography and computer modeling. Their IPY contributions are highlighted in a Web slide show and other materials. More

A Seal's Eye View of the World

3/15/2007 You can get a seal’s eye view of the relationships between predator and prey in Antarctica from scientist Lee Fuiman’s research. Fuiman, of the University of Texas Marine Science Institute, equips seals with cameras and data recorders to understand their behavior. More

A Dinosaur Find in Antarctica

3/14/2007 William Hammer, an NSF-funded researcher at Augustana College, discovered the remains of Cryolophosaurus ellioti in 1991, proving that dinosaurs lived on every continent. In a 2003 Webcast, he described the find and the beast. More
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