First into the Field for IPY

3/9/2007 From February to May, 2007 these National Science Foundation-funded scientists from the University of Alabama at Birmingham will study how organisms use chemical compounds to defend themselves from predators, competitors, and organisms that would overgrow or infect them. Join them as they explore undersea forests. More

South Pole Telescope Animation and Video

3/2/2007 Just days before IPY officially began, scientists at the South Pole collected the first test observations from a massive new telescope. The National Science Foundation has released an animation that shows the scale of the 280-ton telescope as well as video of construction. More

Exploring the Moon and Mars in Antarctica

3/1/2007 The search for chunks of solar system debris is underway in the extreme conditions of the Antarctic as part of the "Antarctic Search for Meteorites" program, supported by NASA, the National Science Foundation and the Smithsonian Institution. Go behind the scenes and see the search in progress. More

"Polar-palooza": Connecting the Poles to the Planet

2/26/2007 A preview of a major IPY outreach program that will bring the poles to audiences at science centers and museums across America and online. More

Project Iceberg

2/1/2007 Six educators from the ARISE (ANDRILL Research Immersion for Science Educators) team bring science into your world. More

Lessons From the First International Polar Year (1881-1884)

1/1/2007 A Web site with data and images from the first International Polar Year (IPY). More

Gretchen Hofmann, Antarctic Biologist, Interviewed on Good Morning America

12/15/2006 Gretchen Hofmann, an NSF-funded biologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, was interviewed live from McMurdo Station, Antarctica More

Living at the South Pole

11/1/2006 Ever wonder what it's like to spend winter at the South Pole? Explore the Earth's most remote scientific research facility. More

A Friend Acting Strangely: The Arctic's Changing Climate

11/1/2006 Website with images and information from an exhibition developed by the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. More

Educators in the Arctic

9/16/2006 Journals and images from the NABOS K-12 Teacher Summer School program's cruise. More
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