Arctic Ecosystem Interactive Illustrates the Complexities of the Cold Biosphere

6/26/2008 Learn more about the animals in the Arctic Ocean food chain from this interactive illustration produced by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. More

NASA's Phoenix lander Explores the Martian Arctic in Quest for Life Signs, Climate Clues

5/30/2008 Mars is a cold desert planet with no liquid water on its surface. But in the Martian arctic, water ice lurks just below ground level. Phoenix uses a robotic arm to dig through the soil surface and explore this circumpolar region More

Video: Glaciologist Explains Why Math Matters to Her and in the "Real World" of Melting Ice Sheets

4/3/2008 Helen Amanda Fricker, an NSF-funded glaciologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, Calif., explains why she "loves" math-- and why she couldn't work without it--in this video produced by the San Diego County Office of Education. More

Online Magazine for Elementary Teachers Brings Polar Issues Into Classrooms

3/25/2008 To fill a national void in the elementary school curriculum and capitalize on student interest in the polar regions, Ohio State University and the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) have launched a new online magazine for teachers. More

NSF-funded "Return to Penguin City" Debuts March 23 on Animal Planet's "Wild Kingdom"

3/20/2008 Millions of Adelie penguins storm Antarctic beaches annually to breed. For 50 years, researchers have been studying their life cycle. More

NOAA Listens to Active Antarctic

3/17/2008 NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Acoustics Project’s field research in Antarctica in 2005-06 resulted in new discoveries about the region's seismic activity. View a video by Oregon Public Television. More

'Theater of the Mind' from Antarctica: NPR News Reports from "The Ice"

3/17/2008 As part of National Public Radio's "Climate Connections" series, reporter Daniel Zwerdling and producer Peter Breslow traveled to Antarctica under the auspices of the National Science Foundation's media visitors program. Read their reports. More

Explore the NOAA Library's Extensive Collection of Rare Polar Books and Images Online

3/14/2008 The NOAA Central Library in Silver Spring is exhibiting some of its polar collection until March 2009, the official end of IPY. The catalogue and a searchable historical photo archive is available online. More

An Interview with Scientist Ludovic Bariteau of the Southern Ocean Gas Exchange Experiment

3/10/2008 A researcher with the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences, Bariteau is sending home weekly dispatches From the Southern Ocean. He also recorded a video segment before he left about his preparations for the Antarctic. More

USGS Podcast: U.S. and Russian Scientists Jointly Develop a New Way to Model Sea-Ice Thickness

3/8/2008 Sea ice, which is constantly thickening and thinning, plays an important role in the Earth's climate. Scientist Dave Douglas discusses a modeling approach to estimate sea-ice thickness based entirely on observations of historical trends. More
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