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USGS: Scientists Sail Aug. 2 to Map the Arctic Seafloor and Define the Limits of the Continental Shelf

8/2/2010 American and Canadian scientists are mapping the Arctic seafloor and gathering data to help define the outer limits of the continental shelf. More

NASA Icebreaker Voyage to Probe Climate Change Impact on Arctic

6/8/2010 NASA's first dedicated oceanographic field campaign is taking an up-close look at how changing conditions in the Arctic are affecting the ocean's chemistry and ecosystems that play a critical role in global climate change. Follow ICESCAPE's blog. More

BESTing Severe Ice: Dispatches from NOAA Research Vessel Studying the Bering Sea Ecosystem

6/7/2010 The NOAA research vessel Thomas G. Thompson is at sea carrying scientists from a multitude of disciplines to measure ocean conditions and food web productivity on the eastern Bering Sea shelf. More

Field Expedition Blog: Tagging Humpback Whales in the Antarctic with Suction Cups

5/20/2010 An NSF-funded research team, led by scientists from Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment, is at sea measuring the underwater movements and behaviors of humpback and minke whales. Track their progress and see images. More

NASA IceBridge Mission Prepares for Study of Arctic Glaciers

3/18/2010 NASA's Operation IceBridge mission, the largest airborne survey ever flown of Earth's polar ice, kicks off its second year of study when NASA aircraft arrive in Greenland March 22. More

Robot Explorer Investigates Antarctica's Frozen Lakes

12/3/2009 The ENDURANCE (Environmentally Non-Disturbing Under-ice Robotic ANtarctic Explorer) is a mini-sub that is exploring and sampling Antarctica's perpetually frozen lakes. Read details of the project and dispatches from the ENDURANCE field team. More

USGS: "North Pole Wolf" E-mails Locations to Researchers and His "Public"

12/1/2009 Thanks to a satellite collar, two innovative scientists, and a blog, people can follow Brutus, the “North Pole wolf”, as he leads his pack through the long arctic winter. Reserachers hope to learn what wolves like Brutus do in the cold and dark. More

From Climate Science to Ecology: NSF-funded LARISSA Takes an In-depth Look at the Collapse of a Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf

10/27/2009 The LARsen Ice Shelf System, Antarctica (LARISSA) project will conduct a uniquely in-depth and wide-ranging study of an ice-shelf ecosystem in the wake of the spectacular collapse of the Larsen B ice shelf. More

Read Daily Updates from Scientists Studying Change in the Bering Sea Ecosystem, one of the World's Most Productive

4/4/2009 The Bering Sea is a wildly productive ecosystem, yielding millions of pounds of fish and crab each year. Is climate change affecting the Bering Sea? How? See daily pictures and read reports from researchers seeking answers to those questions. More

Scientists Take off on Arctic-to-Antarctic Flights to Measure Greenhouse Gases

1/7/2009 NSF's High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research (HIAPER) will cover more than 24,000 miles in a series of five flights over three years to sample the atmosphere. More
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