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University of Wisconsin: the Far-reaching Effects of the IceCube Telescope from Antarctica to Wisconsin and from Scientific to Economic

2/25/2009 When it’s completed in 2011, the South Pole neutrino observatory, IceCube, promises to open a new scientific window on colliding galaxies and black holes. In the meantime, though, it’s producing some decidedly down-to-earth results for Wisconsin. More

NSF-funded, Idaho State Researchers Creating a Virtual Archeological Web Site of Arctic Animal Skeletons

2/5/2009 Being developed as a prototype, the unique online, three-dimensional archaeological collection would serve as an research tool for scientists worldwide, but is also designed to be used by K-12 educators. More

NSF-funded Online Magazine Judged a "Wonderful Resource" for Elementary Educators

2/2/2009 Education World awards Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears, produced by Ohio State University for teachers pre-K through grade 5, an A+ for both content and site design. More