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Successful Flight of University of Kansas' Unmanned Aircraft Promises to Enhance Polar Climate-Change Research

9/9/2009 An innovative unmanned aircraft conceived and built at the NSF-funded Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets recently passed its first flight test, a crucial step toward gathering better data at slower speeds and lower altitudes over icy terrain. More

Arctic Oil Development Providing "Subsidized Housing" to Predators

9/8/2009 A new study finds that Arctic oil development has attracted populations of predators including Arctic fox, ravens, and gulls, which feed on nesting birds. The predators use everything from drilling platforms to road culverts to nest or den. More

NSF-funded Research: Warming from Greenhouse Gases has Trumped the Arctic's Millennia-long Natural Cooling Cycle

9/3/2009 Although the Arctic has been receiving less energy from the summer sun for the past 8,000 years, Arctic summer temperatures began climbing in 1900 and accelerated after 1950. More