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NASA's Phoenix lander Explores the Martian Arctic in Quest for Life Signs, Climate Clues

5/30/2008 Mars is a cold desert planet with no liquid water on its surface. But in the Martian arctic, water ice lurks just below ground level. Phoenix uses a robotic arm to dig through the soil surface and explore this circumpolar region More

Illulissat Declaration Affirms Existing International Framework for Protection of the Arctic Ocean in the face of Changing Climate

5/28/2008 At a diplomatic meeting in Illulisat, Greeenland in May of 2008, the five coastal states bordering on the Arctic Ocean reaffirmed their commitment to the existing legal framework applicable to the Arctic. More

Never Too Busy for Science Education

5/16/2008 Dr. Greg McFarquhar, co-lead scientist for DOE's Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol campaign, makes time for science education in the field. More