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Forecasting the Aurora

12/14/2006 Many scientific phenomena are as beautiful as they are interesting. More

Juvenile Plesiosaur Found in Antarctica

12/11/2006 An American-Argentine research team has recovered the well-preserved fossil skeleton of a juvenile plesiosaur. More

Moulin 'Blanc': NASA Expedition Probes Deep Within a Greenland Glacier

12/11/2006 A research expedition in the summer of 2006 sent a built probe down into glacial chutes, or “moulin,” in a remote and isolated region of the West Greenland Ice Sheet. More

NASA Provides New Perspectives on the Earth's Changing Ice Sheets

12/11/2006 It's widely documented that climate change is causing the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to shrink. What most do not know is that until just six years ago, we had no real way of measuring whether the ice sheets were shrinking or growing, or at what rate. More

Monitoring Great Lakes Ice from Space

12/10/2006 Watching winter winds whip across the Great Lakes may help scientists understand how much ice will form on the lakes, how thick it will be and where it will drift. More