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NSF Antarctic Artists & Writers Participant's Exhibit Opens at Des Moines Gallery

11/30/2007 Lita Albuquerque has installed exhibitions in various deserts worldwide. An exhibit at the Hentschel Art Gallery in Des Moines is a small-scale version of her project to map out 99 stars onto each of the polar ice caps. More

From Antarctica to Greenland, NBC's Today Show Broadcast Live from "The Ends of the Earth" Nov. 5 to 9

11/5/2007 NBC's "Today" show anchors Matt Lauer and Ann Curry reported live from Greenland and from NSF's McMurdo Station, Antarctica respectively for a groundbreaking program on climate change. More

Altitude Symptoms at the South Pole (ASAP): Mayo Clinic Study Aims for Broad Societal Benefits

11/4/2007 Altitude sickness ranges from a mild medical irritant to a life-threatening condition. The U.S. Antarctic Program, which routinely sends researchers up 9,300 feet at the South Pole, is a unique laboratory for studying what causes the ailment. More