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Read an Essay about the Relationship between Caribou and Northern People from the Gates of the Arctic National Park's Web site

12/24/2008 Caribou have been vital to the survival of all native people whose homelands are now partially encompassed by Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve: Nunamiut Eskimos, Eskimo people of the Kobuk and Noatak Rivers, and Koyukon Indians. More

Live from the Mt. Erebus Observatory, atop the World's Southernmost Active Volcano, PolarTREC Teacher John Wood

12/23/2008 Through the NSF-funded PolarTREC program, Wood, from Talbert Middle School in Huntington Beach, Calif. is part of a team from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology working at the volcano's summit. Read his journals. More

USGS Web Site Provides an Illustrated Introduction to Glaciers, Climate and Change Over Time

12/22/2008 Focusing on Alaskan glaciers, the site examines one aspect of the global climate issue—the relationship between glaciers and climate. It incudes a PowerPoint presentation that "morphs" images from Kenai Fjords National Park to show change over time. More

NASA Goddard Podcast Contains Animation of 2008 Near-Record Sea-Ice Minimum, Interview with Scientist

12/18/2008 The polar ice caps have been shrinking in summer and expanding in winter for millions of years. But in the past 30 years, the Arctic sea ice at the end of each summer's melt has gotten steadily smaller. See an animation and read transcript. More

Search for Meteorites in Antarctic Begins Anew

12/17/2008 The Antarctic Search for Meteorites program team has returned to the deep field and they seem to finding quite a few extraterrestrial rocks. Read their daily (they hope) dispatches. More

NSF-funded, University of Maryland Researchers' Web site Features Video Clips from Arctic Research

12/8/2008 This Web site serves as a gateway to Arctic scientific research at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory of the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. The site includes clips of polar bears and walrus taken during research cruises. More

Los Alamos National Laboratory Researchers' Models Forecast Possible Ice-Free Arctic for Part of Each Year by 2040

12/5/2008 Writing in 1663, a magazine published by Los Alamos National Laboratory, researchers explain how their computer models forecast that, unless greenhouse emissions are reduced, the Arctic Ocean will, by 2040, be ice-free for part of each year. More