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NOAA's Arctic Theme Page Offers Topical Essays from the Experts

2/29/2008 The collection of more than 20 illustrated essays addresses topics ranging from "why and how" scientists study Arctic climate change to the changes indigenous peoples are observing in the state of sea ice to "what's happening to polar bears." More

Slides Explain the Search for Ancient Martian Life in Antarctic Meteorites

2/27/2008 The Lunar and Planetary Institute maintains a set of slides that discusses Mars; searching for Antarctic meteorites; ALH 84001, an Antarctic meteorite scientists claim contains fossilized Martian microbes; and exploration of Mars and the universe. More

NASA Animation Shows How Melting Surface Lubricates the Base of Greenland's Ice Sheet, Speeding Glacier Flow to the Sea

2/25/2008 The animation illustrates how melt-water puddles on the Greenland ice sheet and drains through cracks to the surface below. This water lubricates underlying bedrock, causing the ice to flow faster toward the sea. More

USGS Podcast: "Antarctica from Above and Below"

2/19/2008 In this October 2007 podcast produced for Earth Science Week, USGS scientist Richie Williams talks about the agency's new satellite imagery of Antarctica as well as what's going on with ice on the southernmost continent. More

NSF, NASA-funded Study Finds New Greenland Ice-Sheet Data in Old Aerial Photographs

2/13/2008 A new University of Buffalo study documents in detail the dynamics of parts of Greenland's ice sheet, important data that have long been missing from the ice-sheet models on which projections about sea level rise and global warming are based. More

International Team Establishes Unique Observatory in Antarctica

2/4/2008 A science team representing six institutions, including Texas A&M University, has established a new, robotic astronomical observatory called PLATeau Observatory, or PLATO, at Dome Argus, the highest point of the Antarctic Plateau. More