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Researchers: Melting Ice Threatens Polar Bears' Survival

1/26/2008 Using USGS data, a research team, including scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of Alaska, has determined that climate change is dramatically reducing the bears’ survival and reproductive rates. More

New Antarctic Ice Core Provides Clearest Climate Record Yet

1/24/2008 NSF-funded researchers have closed out the inaugural season on an unprecedented, multi-year effort to retrieve the most detailed record of greenhouse gases in Earth’s atmosphere over the last 100,000 years. More

Jan. 18 Exploratorium Webcast: South Pole Telescope Researchers Live from "The Ice"

1/16/2008 The staff at the San Francisco-based science museum will talk live to scientists who operate the 280-ton South Pole Telescope and to researchers who will spend the six-month winter at the Pole. Live at 8 a.m. Pacific; the Webcast will be archived. More

Alaska Glacier Speed-up Tied to Internal Plumbing Issues, says CU-Boulder study

1/16/2008 A new study indicates meltwater periodically overwhelms the interior drainpipes of Alaska's Kennicott Glacier, causing it to lurch forward, similar to processes that may help explain the acceleration of glaciers observed recently in Greenland. More

Antarctica Tests a Potential Lunar Habitat: Read a Blog to See if Inflatable Housing Has What it Takes

1/12/2008 NSF and NASA are jointly testing a new architecture for astronaut housing on the moon by erecting a prototype structure at NSF's McMurdo Station. If the design stands up Antarctic conditions, it could also be used in the future by polar scientists. More

Jan. 10 Exploratorium Webcast: Antarctic Balloon Research Live from "The Ice"

1/9/2008 The San Francisco-based "hands-on" science museum will talk live to NASA scientists in Antarctica about balloon research in the latest in a series of IPY-related Webcasts. Watch the archived Webcast. More

FWS Bulletin: Statement for Polar Bear Decision

1/8/2008 The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service expects within the next month to reach a final decision on a proposal to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. More

Satellite Discovery of Waterways beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet a NASA Top Exploration and Discovery Story of 2007

1/4/2008 Scientists using NASA satellites discovered an extensive network of waterways beneath a fast-moving Antarctic ice stream that provide clues as to how "leaks" in the system affect sea level and the world's largest ice sheet. More