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Scientific Essay on NOAA's Arctic Theme Page: “Why is the Arctic So Sensitive to Climate Change and Why Do We Care?”

9/9/2008 Mark Serreze writes: “That the Arctic should be especially sensitive to climate change was recognized in the 19th century. The primary reason ...is that an initial warming ... sets in motion a chain of events that amplify the warming..." More

State Department-led, Interagency Effort to Define the Limits of the U.S. Continental Shelf Includes the Arctic Ocean

9/2/2008 Since 2001, the United States has been gathering and analyzing data to determine the outer limits of its Extended Continental Shelf (ECS). The effort includes undersea mapping in the Arctic Ocean. More

NOAA's Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Project Data Management Web Site

9/2/2008 A central database of information collected as part of the interagency Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) Project. More