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Arctic Ecosystem Interactive Illustrates the Complexities of the Cold Biosphere

6/26/2008 Learn more about the animals in the Arctic Ocean food chain from this interactive illustration produced by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. More

Will Climate Change Disrupt the Arctic Ecosystem?

6/26/2008 In March 2008, an NSF-funded research team launched into the Bering Sea to learn more about how its complex ecosystem works and how it may be affected by impending climate change. More

Knorr Skirts Ice as Part of NOAA's Search for 'Arctic Haze'

6/11/2008 Scientists aboard the research vessel Knorr this Spring measured chemical pollutants transported to the Arctic to understand how they may be sparking new chemical reactions and contributing to warming. More

NSF-funded Scientists find 245 million-year-old burrows of land vertebrates in Antarctica

6/11/2008 For the first time paleontologists have found fossilized burrows of tetrapods--any land vertebrates with four legs or leglike appendages--in Antarctica dating from about 245 million years ago. More

Study of Glacial Earthquakes May Help Science Understand Ice Sheets' Fate

6/11/2008 New research that integrates seismic recordings with GPS measurements indicates that a 7,000-square-mile region of an Antarctic ice stream moves more than two feet twice every day in an earthquake-like pattern equivalent to a Magnitude 7 temblor. More

Acclaimed Filmmaker's Antarctic Opus Opens

6/10/2008 World-renowned director Werner Herzog traveled to Antarctica with National Science Foundation (NSF) support to produce a film about daily life on the southernmost continent. The film opened in June 2008. More