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New Subglacial Antarctic Lake Environments (SALE) Web Site Examines All Aspects of Waterways Buried Under Ice

9/25/2007 Antarctica's Lake Vostok, one of the continent's roughly 140 subglacial lakes, is the size of Lake Ontario. SALE scientists want to understand the biology, geology, chemistry, glaciology, and physical processes of these unique environments. More

Student Designed IPY Posters from the University of Kansas and the Center for the Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets

9/20/2007 A sophomore graphics design class took on the task of designing a new IPY-CReSIS poster. See the winning designs on this page or download the .pdfs. More

Sea Ice Resources Available on this Portal

9/17/2007 A collection of resources for teachers and the general public gathered as part of the first "International Polar Day" of IPY, Sept. 21, 2007, which is organized around the theme of sea ice. More

NSF-funded Researcher Seeks Clues to Waterproof Glue in Antarctic Creature

9/16/2007 For 20 years, Sam Bowser, has dived the frigid—yet biologically rich—waters of McMurdo Sound. He is interested in how tiny organisms build miniscule, but sophisticated, shells out of grains of sand using an extremely effective underwater glue. More

Ozone Hole Success Story: NOAA Oberves 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol

9/16/2007 More than two decades ago, Susan Solomon and her colleagues deciphered the chemistry of the Antarctic ozone hole. Today, NOAA continues to lead in this area, including producing 20 questions and answers for non-scientists about ozone depletion. More

USGS Web Site Contains Most Recent Information from Nine Studies of Polar Bear Habitat

9/8/2007 The U.S. Geological Survey has launched a Web site with information from recent studies of the relationships of polar bears to present and future sea-ice environments. More

Interior Makes Available an Executive Summary from a Climate Change Forum for Alaska

9/7/2007 On Feb. 21-23 2007, the Department of Interior's U.S. Fish & Wildife Service and the USGS held the forum as part of Interior's IPY efforts. Read an executive summary in .PDF. More

U.S. Fish & Wildife Alaska Office Maintains Alaska Climate Change Web site

9/7/2007 The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service maintains a separate Web site dedicated to its efforts to foster collaboration and integration "among programs, partners and stakeholders, and incorporation of climate change into decision-making." More

Downloadable Poster Features Detailed Cross-Section of the New Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

9/4/2007 Complete with a key that explains the function of almost every facet of the remarkable structure, the poster highlights the third U.S. station since 1957 and the massive challenges to building it. More

Archived: On-line Chat About Kansas University's Role in Monitoring Greenland Ice Sheet

9/4/2007 Read an archived Sept. 4, 2007 Web chat with David Braaten, deputy director of the Kansas University's Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets (CReSIS), on the Lawrence Journal-World Web site. More

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