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New Evidence from NSF-funded ANDRILL Demonstrates Climate Warming Affects Antarctic Ice Sheet Stability

3/18/2009 A five-nation scientific team has published new evidence that even a slight rise in atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, one of the gases that drives global warming, affects the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS). More

British, NSF-funded Researchers Deploy Automated Submarine to Better Understand the Mechanics of Antarctic Ice Sheets

3/17/2009 A team of British and American scientists has successfully deployed an autonomous robot submarine on six missions beneath an Antarctic ice shelf using sonar scanners to map the seabed and the underside of the ice as it juts out over the sea. More

Arctic and Antarctic-themed Activities to Bring a Breath of Polar Air to Baltimore

3/16/2009 The Maryland Science Center in Baltimore will be the focal point of a range of public events April 4 and 5 that highlight federally funded Arctic and Antarctic research programs. More