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C-SPAN Video Available on Web: Impact of Global Warming on the Arctic

11/30/2007 On Nov. 26 at a forum sponsored by the American Meteorological Society, experts discussed the effects of global warming on conditions in the arctic. View a Web-based version of C-SPAN 2's coverage. Available only in Windows Media format. More

Newly Unveiled Satellite Map of Antarctica is a "Unique Tool"
for Scientists, Educators and the Public

11/27/2007 Three federal agencies and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) today unveiled a uniquely detailed and scientifically-accurate satellite mosaic map of Antarctica. More

Polar-Orbiting Balloon Flights to Gather Data on the Sun's Influence on Climate

11/9/2007 A solar telescope has been successfully launched to 120,000 feet using a balloon larger than a Boeing 747. In 2009, the technology will be used to launch polar balloon flights that will collect data on the Sun's influence on Earth’s climate. More

Altitude Symptoms at the South Pole (ASAP): Mayo Clinic Study Aims for Broad Societal Benefits

11/4/2007 Altitude sickness ranges from a mild medical irritant to a life-threatening condition. The U.S. Antarctic Program, which routinely sends researchers up 9,300 feet at the South Pole, is a unique laboratory for studying what causes the ailment. More

"The Log from the Southern Ocean": Marine Biologists Dive to Understand How Antarctic Animals Cope with Extremes

11/4/2007 Scientists from Clemson University and the University of Montana are diving frigid, ice-covered McMurdo Sound to understand how creatures of the Southern Ocean have uniquely adapted to cold, yet oxygen-rich water. More