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Today Show Returns to "The Ends of the Earth", Interviews Diver and Researcher who uses Underwater Robots to Explore Antarctica

11/18/2008 Meredith Vieira interviews NSF-funded researcher Stacy Kim, who uses custom-built robots to explore the icy waters of McMurdo Sound. See the interview and underwater footage. More

Scientific Essay on NOAA's Arctic Theme Page: USGS Scientist Learns about Arctic Wolves and Their Prey by Living With Them

11/12/2008 Arctic wolves have never been hunted or seriously pursued in most of the high Arctic. The animals' resulting lack of fear allowed the author to befriend a pack, learning about them by living with them during summers from 1986 through 1996. More

EPA-Sponsored Underwater Survey of the Aleutians Reveals New Wonders: Images and Video Document Expedition

11/3/2008 A team of divers representing the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation as well as NOAA and EPA made 440 dives over two summers, in the process discovering 20 new species of marine organisms. More