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Antarctic Connection

1/1/2007 Website offers K-12 lessons plans, digests of science conducted in the field, an Antarctic Bestiary, and an Antarctic FAQ. More

Girls on Ice: A Free Glaciology Program for Teens

1/1/2007 A ten-day field program, open to girls aged 15-19, combines science education with leadership and mountaineering training. More


1/1/2007 This free online education program for K-12 classrooms uses the allure of dogsled expeditions to explore the Arctic.  More

Lessons From the First International Polar Year (1881-1884)

1/1/2007 A Web site with data and images from the first International Polar Year (IPY). More

IPY History

1/1/2007 A brief history of International Polar Year, presented by the National Academy of Sciences. More

Phoenix Mars Mission: Classroom Activities

1/1/2007 Scheduled for launch in August 2007, the Phoenix Mars Mission is designed to study the history of water and habitability potential in the Martian arctic's ice-rich soil. Site includes videos, educational material, and news. More

2006 Oden Expedition Journals

1/1/2007 Journals by teachers Ute Kaden and Allan Miller who sailed aboard the icebreaker Oden as part of National Science Foundation research cruise. More