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Joint Norwegian-U.S. Traverse of East Antarctica to the South Pole Readied for November

10/29/2007 Seven tons of scientific equipment and provisions arrived at Norway's Troll Station in late October to support a joint scientific crossing that will study the ice sheet's role in global climate regulation More

Video Lecture, Conferences and Web Sites Trace History of Polar Science and Exploration

10/26/2007 These resources focus on significant historical milestones in the scientific exploration of the Polar regions--largely outside the IPY framework--emphasizing U.S. contributions to the international history of polar exploration and science. More

International Polar Year Data and Information Service (IPYDIS) Provides Coordination, On-line Forum for Users of IPY Data

10/23/2007 Jointy funded by NASA and NSF, IPYDIS is a global partnership of data centers, archives, and networks working to ensure stewardship of IPY and related data. NSIDC acts as a coordination office for the IPYDIS. More

Satellite Tags on Humpback Whales Expose Unknown Migration Routes to Antarctica

10/19/2007 By following the travels of tagged animals, scientists--including those at NOAA's National Marine Mammal Laboratory--are finding that individual whales take divergent and circuitous routes to the austral summer feeding grounds of the Antarctic. More

Smithsonian Institution Publishes Proceedings of International Polar Diving Workshop

10/17/2007 The Smithsonian Institution has announced the release of the Proceedings of the 2007 International Polar Diving Workshop, an IPY contribution from the polar scientific diving community. More

Updated 2006 "State of the Arctic" Report: Report Card Finds Warming Continues But Climate-Change Signals Mixed

10/16/2007 According to the Arctic Report Card 2007, overall warming of the Arctic system continued, though some elements are stabilizing or returning to climatological norms. These mixed tendencies show the sensitivity and complexity of the Arctic system. More