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NSF-funded Researcher Seeks Clues to Waterproof Glue in Antarctic Creature

9/16/2007 For 20 years, Sam Bowser, has dived the frigid—yet biologically rich—waters of McMurdo Sound. He is interested in how tiny organisms build miniscule, but sophisticated, shells out of grains of sand using an extremely effective underwater glue. More

Alaska Water Resource Vulnerability Index: New Database Allows Communities to Assess Potential Risks to Fresh Water Supply

9/13/2007 A new water-vulnerability assessment tool created by University of Alaska researchers may help communities monitor and protect their water resources. More

Interior Makes Available an Executive Summary from a Climate Change Forum for Alaska

9/7/2007 On Feb. 21-23 2007, the Department of Interior's U.S. Fish & Wildife Service and the USGS held the forum as part of Interior's IPY efforts. Read an executive summary in .PDF. More

Louisiana State University Professor Looks for Life In and Under Antarctic Ice

9/5/2007 Brent Christner, assistant professor of biological sciences, has spent a great deal of time in Antarctica, researching whether life can exist beneath the continent's ice sheets. More

Stockholm University Physicist with the IceCube Project Blogs from the South Pole

9/4/2007 Sven Lidstrom is living and working at the National Science Foundation's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. He writes in English about everything from lunar eclipses to the importance of good food. More

2007 George Bush China-U.S. Relations Conference, Oct. 22-25, to Include a Discussion of Joint IPY Programs and Climate Change

9/3/2007 A research roundtable at this Washington D.C. meeting--the third such conference--will focus on bilateral cooperation between China and the U.S. in the Arctic and Antarctic. Karl A. Erb, who heads NSF's Office of Polar programs, will participate. More