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Sec. Clinton's Remarks at the Joint Session of the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the Arctic Council

4/6/2009 The genius of the Antarctic Treaty lies in its relevance today. It was written to meet the challenges of an earlier time, but it and its related instruments remain a key tool in our efforts to address an urgent threat of this time, climate change... More

Antarctic Treaty / Arctic Council Joint Meeting Washington Ministerial Declaration on the International Polar Year and Polar Science

4/6/2009 The first of 10 points urges "states, national and international scientific bodies, and other interested parties to cooperate to deliver a lasting legacy from the IPY, and to support appropriate infrastructures to achieve this." More

As IPY Draws to a Close, Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting to Mark 50th Anniversary of the Landmark International Accord

12/29/2008 The U.S. will host the meeting in Baltimore in April. Almost 400 diplomats, Antarctic program personnel, and polar scientists from 47 countries will participate. The Treaty sets the continent aside strictly for peaceful and scientific purposes. More

U.S. Antarctic Policy from the State Department: Preserving the Continent for Peace and Science

11/28/2008 The United States has strong diplomatic interests in Antarctica, in particular promoting its status as a continent reserved for peace and science in accordance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. More

State Department-led, Interagency Effort to Define the Limits of the U.S. Continental Shelf Includes the Arctic Ocean

9/2/2008 Since 2001, the United States has been gathering and analyzing data to determine the outer limits of its Extended Continental Shelf (ECS). The effort includes undersea mapping in the Arctic Ocean. More

U.S. Arctic Policy: An Overview from the U.S. Department of State

8/27/2008 U.S. Arctic policy emphasizes environmental protection, sustainable development, human health, and the role of indigenous people and other Arctic residents as stakeholders in the Arctic. More

Illulissat Declaration Affirms Existing International Framework for Protection of the Arctic Ocean in the face of Changing Climate

5/28/2008 At a diplomatic meeting in Illulisat, Greeenland in May of 2008, the five coastal states bordering on the Arctic Ocean reaffirmed their commitment to the existing legal framework applicable to the Arctic. More

The Antarctic Treaty: Setting Aside a Continent for Science

3/29/2007 The Antarctic Treaty uniquely sets aside Antarctica as a continent for scientific research. The Antarctic Treaty Secretariat maintains the original Antarctic Treaty on its site as a downloadable file. More

The State Department and International Polar Year

2/22/2007 The International Polar Year (IPY) is an extensive interdisciplinary and multilateral scientific program focusing on issues arising from and opportunities presented by the unique environment of the Arctic and the Antarctic regions. More

Delegation Visiting the U.S. Antarctic Program

1/18/2007 Claudia A. McMurray, Assistant Secretary; United States Ambassador to New Zealand, Bill McCormick; and Glyn Davies, Deputy Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, visited Antarctica January 18-26, 2007. More