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NASA Research Leads to First Complete Map of Antarctic Ice Flow; Work is Crucial to Tracking Sea-Level Increases

8/23/2011 NASA-funded researchers have created the first complete map of the speed and direction of ice flow in Antarctica. The map will be critical for tracking future sea-level increases from climate change. More

Interactive: NASA's "Global Ice Viewer" Documents Cryosphere Changes

8/1/2011 Ice covers 10 percent of Earth’s surface, but is disappearing rapidly in many places. This website uses still photos, video and animations to document change in the high Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica.  More

Animation using NASA Aqua Satellite Data Shows Annual Arctic Sea Ice Retreat

10/7/2010 At the end of each summer, sea ice in the Arctic reaches its minimum extent for the year. This NASA animation shows the retreat of Arctic sea ice cover from March 31 through September 19, as recorded by the AMSR-E instrument on the Aqua satellite. More

Researchers Observe Mile-long Chunk of Ice Calving off Greenland Glacier

7/9/2010 NASA-funded researchers monitoring Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier report that a 7-square-kilometer (2.7 square-mile) section of the glacier broke up on July 6 and 7. The chunk is roughly one-eighth the size of Manhattan. More

NASA Icebreaker Voyage to Probe Climate Change Impact on Arctic

6/8/2010 NASA's first dedicated oceanographic field campaign is taking an up-close look at how changing conditions in the Arctic are affecting the ocean's chemistry and ecosystems that play a critical role in global climate change. Follow ICESCAPE's blog. More

NASA IceBridge Mission Prepares for Study of Arctic Glaciers

3/18/2010 NASA's Operation IceBridge mission, the largest airborne survey ever flown of Earth's polar ice, kicks off its second year of study when NASA aircraft arrive in Greenland March 22. More

NASA Video: Antarctic "Shrimp" Found Where No Critters Expected

3/16/2010 At a level of 182 meters (600 feet) below Antarctica's Ross Ice Shelf, a video camera designed to observe the conditions under the ice recorded a shrimp-like creature more than 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) from open water. Watch the video. More

NASA-funded Animations: Colliding Auroras Produce an Explosion of Light

12/17/2009 A network of cameras deployed around the Arctic in support of NASA's THEMIS mission has made a startling discovery about the Northern Lights. Sometimes, vast curtains of aurora borealis collide, producing spectacular outbursts of light. More

NASA Ice Campaign Takes Flight in Antarctica

10/8/2009 Starting in November, NASA will fly missions in a DC-8--a 157-foot-long airborne laboratory--to study to study changes to Antarctica's sea ice, ice sheets, and glaciers as part of the agency's Operation Ice Bridge. More

NASA Video: Scientist Explains the Global Importance of Arctic Sea Ice for the Average Person

4/14/2009 Tom Wagner, NASA cryosphere program scientist, discusses the various ways that sea ice is important; from regulating global temperatures to restricting--or facilitating--global commerce. He also discusses the significance of IPY. More
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